Oleg Andreev

Software designer with focus on user experience and security.

Author of Gitbox version control app.

Author of CoreBitcoin, an implementation of Bitcoin in Objective-C.

Lead developer of FunGolf GPS, golfer's personal assistant on iOS.

If you want to learn about Bitcoin, start with my Bitcoin FAQ or guide for journalists. I can give you an interview or provide technical and long-term economical consulting.
I am not interested in trading, mining or building fiat-to-btc exchanges.

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Oleg Andreev

I’m a software developer from St. Petersburg (Russia) currently living in Paris, France.

I work at Pierlis, private software company making websites and apps for Mac, iPhone and iPad.


E-mail and jabber/gtalk: oleganza@gmail.com
Skype: olegandreev1986
Twitter: oleganza