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You have no rights

A moral argument must be universal, or it’s just bigotry.

"If you do nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide" either applies to everyone, including those who snoop around, or is not a moral argument.

"Thou shalt not kill" either applies to everyone, or it’s a lie to let some people to kill others without much resistance.

History of the world shows that really universal activity never had any moral commandments (e.g. “thou shalt eat”). History is full of people who use moral arguments to use other people. Starting with ancient religions till nowadays with laws, bills and constitutions.

Therefore, almost any moral argument you have ever heard or will hear is not a real universal argument, but an instrument using which some people want to hold you by the balls.

When no one steals, it’s easy to be a thief. If somebody is stealing from you, then you either put a bigger lock, or you figure out why so many people hate you so much. That’s why only thief will go to great lengths to educate people to not steal to have a whole territory open only to him.

You don’t have “right to privacy”. Rights are invention of the rulers. In your normal life you connect to people on a “be nice” basis. You tolerate their oddities, they tolerate yours. You try to stay closer to people you like and farther from people you don’t like. There is no black and white morality. People in Texas love carrying guns, but I don’t. So what? I simply do not live in Texas.

If you believe you have rights, you are supporting a person who wants to enforce such right using a threat, not a dialog. If you hate that someone’s watching you, simply close the window. Do not go and demand even more violence to be directed on “bad guys”. In such case you would simply add to an uncontrollable chaotic killing structure operated by maniacs.

Do not like stealing? Close the door. Do not like watching your emails? Use crypto. Don’t like violence? Do not be violent, avoid bad districts, do not go rioting on the streets to be killed by the mob or cops. Don’t like some people? Avoid giving them anything voluntarily. Tell others to boycott them. Do not like what banks do with your money? Use some other money. Do not like uneducated people? Educate them nicely, so they would want to listen. Need support? Go, ask for it. Hedge the risks, save for rainy day, be careful and respect people around you.

But don’t you be afraid of being angry when people attack you. Don’t cover someone’s lies. Look in the eyes of truth. Your emotions are real. If someone’s kicking you, protect yourself, expose the lie covering it. Do not look for a conflict, avoid it. But never lie to yourself and others about what is going on.