Oleg Andreev

Software designer with focus on user experience and security.

Author of Gitbox version control app.

Author of CoreBitcoin, an implementation of Bitcoin in Objective-C.

Lead developer of FunGolf GPS, golfer's personal assistant on iOS.

If you want to learn about Bitcoin, start with my Bitcoin FAQ or guide for journalists. I can give you an interview or provide technical and long-term economical consulting.
I am not interested in trading, mining or building fiat-to-btc exchanges.

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How Bitcoin will change society

When Bitcoin kills money printing and slashes a lot of taxes, smarter people will run from the government while the dumber ones will take their positions.

As economy gets more liberated, the parasites will get less and less efficient and more discredited in the eyes of population. More stupid restrictions will become law which will only accelerate resistance, but will never achieve anything useful for tyrants. Politicians and police will be massively bribed to not interfere with private business.

Government will become less and less relevant until it ends with a bunch of starving die-hard socialists and racists lying in an empty post office.