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Author of Gitbox version control app.

Author of CoreBitcoin, an implementation of Bitcoin in Objective-C.

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I am very interested in innovative ways to secure property and personal interactions: all the way from cryptography to user interfaces. I am not interested in trading, mining or building exchanges.

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There was a conversation on Twitter about this picture:


The guys did notice that not only this picture is funny for obvious reasons, but it also shows a general dismissal of latinos as a category. Which obviously shows that authors of such pictures are themselves racists.

So let me show what’s wrong here. The problem with racism is not in the racists themselves. They sure do harm, but they do not benefit from that. Racists of any kind alienate a significant portion of people creating a long-term economical and political problems for themselves. We all know how it works by numerous historical examples.

The root of any social problem is where the money is. In other words, who benefits? Well, that’s all kinds of political leaders: gangsters or government. They directly benefit by manipulating some crowd and making it spend their emotions on religion, racial differences, income classes etc. So whenever you feel that your feelings have been hurt by some racists, you know that there are evil people that want to smash together you and another emotionally-unstable person. If you think that by opposing racists you solve the problem, you are mistaken. By opposing racists you play the game that is designed to have just that: people attacking other people while someone else harvests obedience from them.

To win this game, you should not play it. There are racists, there are offended people. But what counts are actions: if you don’t wage a holy war back on your offenders, but protect real things: yourself and people around you on tangible grounds, not based on your race or religion, then you can avoid escalation and have a chance to show your enemies that the racism is just someone’s method to enslave them.